Our Mission

The origin and endgame of our small town project.

SchnuffTown was founded with the goal to be the most detailed Minecraft city in existance. This becomes obvious as soon as you take a look around: each flavour at the ice cream stand has a unique name, and the documents you find laying around on desks have context related titles.

SchnuffTown was founded on December 21st in 2014, originally a one man project. But soon after a small team of people with an equal love for the town and its details formed. After a two year break SchnuffTown was resurrected in December 2018.


SchnuffTown Server

Where the magic happens...

The city is built on our server with the help of a few plugins. Apart from just taking a look around, there are currently rather few ways for visitors to interact with it. If that doesn't bother you, you can apply for a Beta-Key and see the city for yourself on play.schnufftown.com.
The server is proudly provided by Nitrado.


Live Web-View

Visit our dynmap today and watch the city grow!

On our dynmap you can view the towns entire area and its surroundings, talk with players on the server or maybe find one of the easter-eggs hidden around town.


Discord Server

Always up to date...

Join our Discord Server to get a glimpse of the latest changes, ask questions or just chat with the team and other fans. Most of the discord is speaking German but we will be happy to chat with you regardless.



Here you can find further information on the city and its inhabitants.


Stats that show off the size of our project.


Connect with the SchnuffTeam and others.


Answers to frequently asked questions.


The people behind the city: architects and more.


The official download of the project.


Insider-Knowledge, Secrets and more...

Get your Beta-Key!

See the city with your own eyes on play.schnufftown.com